August 2011 - July 2013
A 2 year exchange network between practitioners engaged in sustainable practices across 6 cities in Europe.


  • Berlin
  • Lisbon
  • London
  • Pari
  • Stockholm
  • Tromsø


Unigrowcity came out of workshops at Prinzessinnengarten Berlin in September 2010 (blog). Involving a wide spectrum of spaces and practitioners from different sociopolitical contexts in different parts of Europe, from inner city housing in metropolitan hubs to listing rural villages, the project posed a challenge to initiate processes that may affect practice at the ground level. It also asked critical questions about the role of sustainable participatory practices in austerity Europe.

For London, this linked the demographics of involvement at various levels, from the individual to the communal to the local government and parliamentary stages, through projects of community constructed ecology around Hackney Marsh and the river Lea.

Participating organisations:
Berlin Prinzessinnengarten
Lisbon Gaia
London City Mine(d)
Pari Pari Center of New Learning
Stockholm New Beauty Council 
Tromsø Tromsø Academy of Art


Siraj Izhar City Mine(d) London 2012