Lichtenberg Diary



Lichtenberg Diary is a collation of the exploratory work that came out of an artist residency in Lichtenberg, East Berlin. The subject and object of exploration lay in the former GDR, particularly its vast socialist-era housing in the district of Hohenschönhausen.
Using the single working tool of a small red star, the diary becomes a record of the residency exploration. The star is the project's visual guide and marker of space and time, unfolding conflicts of legacy and history through other claims of the everyday.


December 2019 + January 2020

June 2021 Socialist Amnesia publication
amp press ISBN 978-1916895201

The Jungle

Calais port July 2011

Jungle: forms of shelter and modes of existence for the undocumented migrant population around Calais and its environs.

tent Xx

Revisiting Archives: Democracy Village

  Parliament Square 02.07.2010


The 20th of July this year marked the tenth anniversary of the eviction of Democracy Village from Parliament Square. The tent occupation of Parliament Square began May Day 2010 and was evicted 20 July 2010. To recall that spell of time, the 81 days, is to reflect on how the world of activism was about to change. And by that in turn, the nature of its prospective change for the next ten.

Marsh Commons

Writings about the Hackney Marshes in East London as commentary on the commons land of today, both near and faraway.

Class stories

These are narratives of class in our global digital age. About new relations that need unpacking.


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